About Us

We came from Canada to make our new home in Cornwall with our two pups Lucy and Tessa.  We are all so excited to be here in such a beautiful and wonderful community.

In Canada we received our certification as professional dog stylists.  We have been successful dog groomers for the past 16 years grooming dogs to the highest standards and building a rapport of trust with many repeat customers.  We are looking forward to bringing our many years of experience from Canada here to Cornwall.

We are passionate about dogs and providing them with kindness and compassion, making them look great and feel great, treating each dog as we would want Lucy and Tessa treated.  We can’t wait to meet you and all our new four-legged friends.  


We invite you to become a member of The Groomery as we offer a unique grooming experience, and together we can make sure all our beloved pets are healthy happy and stylish.